11/18/2017 22:00 – Murnau-Filmtheater

United States 2017 96 min original version
German premiere

by P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes

Script: P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes, DoP: Larra Anderson, John Tanzer, Editors: P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes, Joel Maudsley, Luke Smith, Production: The Ebersole Hughes Company, Producers: P. David Ebersole, Todd Hughes, Larra Anderson, with: Jayne Mansfield, Ann Magnuson, Richmond Arquette, Kenneth Anger, Tippi Hedren

MANSFIELD 66/67 is about the last two years of movie goddess Jayne Mansfield’s life and the speculation swirling around her untimely death being caused by a curse after her alleged romantic dalliance with Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan. Jayne Mansfield was an American actress, singer, entertainer and one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols of the 50s and 60s. She was known for her hunger for publicity, her flamboyant lifestyle – the “blonde bombshell” image. On the one hand she was Hollywood Babylon made flesh, with five kids, three messy divorces, and a lurid death that may or may not have been caused by a Satanic curse. On the other hand, she had perfect comic timing, 163 IQ, spoke five languages and was outspokenly anti-war, making her impossible to categorize, though the headlines that her wild life inspired certainly tried: Can A Sex Siren Be A Good Mother, Love Goddess With A Jinx, the Smartest Dumb Blonde…

“A bright and bouny primer on the short, chaotic life of ill-fated sex-bomb Jayne Mansfield.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Ebersole Hughes Company is a unique creative collaboration from the husband/husband team P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes, each an accomplished writer, director and producer. Producing and writing credits, as well as live events like the Silver Lake Film Festival. Their first documentary was HIT SO HARD (2011), about drummer Patty Schemel of Courtney Love’s seminal grunge band “Hole”. After the Kubrick documentary ROOM 237 (2012), which won an IDA award, they created Lifetime’s award-winning DEAR MOM, LOVE CHER a documentary about Georgia Holt, the mother of international superstar Cher. Both were also executive producers on the feature films A REUNION (2014, directed by Hernando Bansuelo) and ALASKA IS A DRAG (2016). MANSFIELD 66/67, is the first co-directing credit for the pair.

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11/18/2017 22:00 – Murnau-Filmtheater

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