11/19/2017 17:30 – Murnau-Filmtheater

Germany 2017 106 min original version with English subtitles
by Stephan Lacant

Script: Karsten Dahlem, Stephan Lacant, DoP: Michael Kotschi, Editor: Monika Schindler, Production: Kurhaus Production, Producers: Daniel Reich, Christoph Holthof, Cast: Elisa Schlott, Hassan Akkouch, Heike Makatsch, Mohammed Issa, Anna Bullard

Lena (17) meets 19-year-old Farid, a young Muslim. She has a clear-cut attitude towards his culture and religion: utter rejection. Despite their differences – or perhaps because of them – they fall in love. When Lena unexpectedly gets pregnant the two of them must make a pledge to each other and their child. Hannah, Lena’s mother, sees red, realizing this means her daughter will be expected to marry a Muslim man – unfathomable both to her and to Farid’s family. A couple destined to be together stuck between worlds, traditions, religion, contradictions and prejudices.

“Lacant, who again co-wrote his screenplay with FREE FALL’S Karsten Dahlem, is a master at suggesting why two people from very different backgrounds could fall in love, whether it’s a supposedly straight policeman and his male colleague or a casually racist party girl and a devout, hard-working Muslim. In both cases, Lacant doesn’t just imply that opposites attract but manages to suggest how someone could fall for a person who on one hand seems different, exciting and risky, and on the other is more familiar and into some of the same things.” (Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter)

Stephan Lacant is a film director and screenwriter living in Berlin. He first studied theatre, film and television in Bochum and Cologne, before studying directing at the New York Film Academy, and attending a screenwriting seminar with Frank Daniel and a directing seminar with Judith Weston. At the International Film Academy in Cologne, he participated in the author program and he is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus. His 2013 film FREE FALL won numerous awards at national and international film festivals, including in Louisville, Philadelphia and Schwerin. He is currently developing FREE FALL 2, a sequel to his debut hit. In addition to his own projects, he also works as a television director.

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11/19/2017 17:30 – Murnau-Filmtheater

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