Germany 2017 9 min Arabic-German original version with English subtitles
by Ysabel Fantou

Script: Ysabel Fantou, DoP: Susanne Kurz, Editor: Sophie Oldenbourg, Producers: Sanne Kurz, Ysabel Fantou, Cast: Hede Beck, Samir Fuchs, Christian Schneller, Hadi Khanjanpour, Yasin El Harrouk

THE SHELTER is a German-Arabic culture-clash comedy, based on true events: Erwin and Hildegard get lost whilst on a hiking holiday in Bavaria. They end up in a strange guest house, not knowing that it’s long closed and now a refugee shelter. Only when demanding the bill for the delicious meal, the truth unravels.

Ysabel Fantou was born into a French-German family in Munich in 1970. She has three children. She graduated from the documentary filmmaking program at Munich’s University of Television and Film. She works as a freelancer, focussing on writing books and screenplays and directing documentary and feature films. DIE HERBERGE won the audience award at the 8th edition of Orscheler Filmfest (official selection, Oberursel 2017).



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