Germany 2017 9 min without dialogues
by Sophie Linnenbaum
Script: Sophie Linnenbaum, DoP: Leonard Caspari, Editor: Kai Eiermann, Production: Sophie Linnenbaum, Producer: Annekathrin Stahr, Cast: Carsten Stier, Ania Pachura, Maya Bonhoff, Charlotte Heilmeier, Igor Korovin, Dirk Murschall, Burak Uzun, Iriston Zangier, Yan Yankowski

A father is taking the first picture of his newborn and is starting an unstoppable circulation. The life of the boy is passing by in a heart beat – reduced to the photogenic moments of his life: the first christmas, the first day of school, children´s birthday parties, the first great love, the wedding, the birth of his own child … the boy himself stays to be the background artist, while his life around him is constructed and once more dismantled as a set.

Sophie Linnenbaum was born in Nuremberg in 1986. She studied psychology and writes plays for children. Since October 2013, she has been enrolled in the film directing program at Film University Babelsberg. Her film [OUT OF FRA]ME was honoured with several awards. The film MEINUNGSAUSTAUSCH was presented as a SHORT TIGER winner at Cannes in 2017. PRIX won the 2nd place audience award at Rüsselsheimer Filmtage (Germany, 2017), the jury award for the film team at Thalmässing Short Film Festival, (Germany, 2017), a special mention in the short film category at Short Film Festival Landshut (Germany, 2017) and the award for best short film at Filmkunstfest Schwerin in 2017.
Sophie Linnenbaum