Germany 2017 17 min original version with English subtitles
by Tim Garde
Script: Laura Louisa Garde, Tim Garde, DoP: Tim Garde, Jörg Gahr, Editor: Tim Garde, Production: Tim Garde Produktion, Producer: Tim Garde, Cast: Laura Louisa Garde, Heiko Pinkowski, Artjom Gilz, Jessica Rust

Sissi studies psychology and finds happiness in her relationship with Franz. But what happens when love suddenly disappears?

Tim Garde is a filmmaker and acting coach who lives in Rostock and works in Berlin. He is an instructor in camera acting at diverse academies, and has been active in one-on-one coaching for feature films, TV series and castings since 2012. His filmography includes: ABSTURZSTELLE (2002), RUMMEL (2003), HER LIFE BETWEEN HER LINES (2004), FEUERPAUSE (2008), SISSI OHNE FRANZ (2017), and CORD (2018).
Tim Garde