United Kingdom 2017 4 min original version with German subtitles
German premiere

by Ian Robertson
Script: Ian Robertson, DoP: Steven Donnelly, Editor: Ian Robertson, Producer: Ian Robertson, with: Archie Paterson

SHEEPO explores the daily competitiveness that pushes professional shearers to shear one more sheep than their workmate.

Ian Robertson, was born in United Kingdom in 1987. Harking from rural Oxfordshire in the UK, Ian is director of music videos and shorts specialising in charming characters and black comedies. His videos have been so popular online that he has earned two death threats from YouTube commenters.

Filmography (selection): 2011 THE PHONE BOX; DELTA HEAVY – GET BY (Music Video), 2012 DUKE DUMONT – NEED U (100%) (music video), 2015 INSIDE, 2016 SHEEPO; THE PROPOSAL, COMEBACK KID, 2017 PAPERCHASE – CUPID (commercial)


Ian Robertson
Great Britain