United Kingdom 2017 3 min without dialogues
German premiere

by Ivelina Ivanova
Script: Ivelina Ivanova, Editor: Ivelina Ivanova, Producer: Ivelina Ivanova

An observation-based animated reality of the creative underworld of London in the age of the digital, synthetic and abstract.

Ivelina Ivanova was born in Plovdiv/Bulgaria to a Russian-Bulgarian family. She grew up in Sofia where she first started developing her interest in drawing, painting and illustrating until she moved to London in 2014 to study animation. Currently she is based between London and Sofia. Coming from a mixed family and living in different countries has influenced her films, which are often inspired by urban spaces. Her works are mixed-media, combining stop motion, digital cut-out and watercolour rotoscoping. Her 2016 PANELKA, a comedy inspired by Communist era residential blocks, was selected for Linoleum fest in Ukraine and Animated Dreams in Estonia.


Ivelina Ivanova
Great Britain