11/19/2017 15:00 – Caligari FilmBühne

Sweden 2017 61 min English original version with German and English subtitles
by Annika Karlsson and Jessica Karlsson
Script: Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson , DoP: Kate McCullough, Editor: Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson, Production: Systerskaparna AB, Producers: Annika Karlsson, Jessica Karlsson, with: Lorna from Dublin and her family

In Ballymun, a suburb of Dublin, horses have been an integral part of everyday life for generations. 17-year-old Lorna’s family is no exception. Lorna would like to become a farrier after she finishes school, if only she weren’t plagued by a bad back. In this poetic study, the directors paint a portrait of a young woman in search of happiness, fulfilled dreams and her own proper place in the world.

“Being up with the horses, up at the stables, it’s kind of dragged me away from the trouble and just turned me into a good kid.” (Lorna from Dublin/Ireland)

Annika Karlsson, born in 1984, studied film at the Fridhem’s Folk High School in Sweden and also has a degree in project management and cross media from Stockholm University of the Arts. Alongside her work as a film director, she is a project manager at the Fanzingo media house in Stockholm.

Jessica Karlsson, also born in 1984, studied film science at Lund and Copenhagen University and has a degree in pedagogy from Stockholm University. She is currently working as a coach on an EU project at “Film Stockholm” as well as on various youth film projects. Her short documentary TAXIDANCING; co-directed with her twin sister Annika; screened at numerous festivals and was also released in Swedish cinemas.

LOVING LORNA received the “Best New Nordic Voice” Award at this year’s Malmö Documentary Film Festival in Sweden.


Systerskaparna AB
Annika and Jessica Karlsson


11/19/2017 15:00 – Caligari FilmBühne

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