11/23/2018 22:00 – Caligari FilmBühne

United States/France 2018 87 min English original version
German premiere

by von Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via

Script: Hanna Ladoul, Marco La Via, DoP: Stephen Tringali, Editor: Camille Delprat, Production: Studio Orlando, Noodles California, Vanishing Angle, Producer: Raphaël Gindre, Cast: Morgan Saylor, McCaul Lombardi, Betsy Brandt, Khleo Thomas, Lorelei Linklater, Cameron Crovetti, Nicholas Crovetti, Vivian Bang, Ravil Isyanov

Amanda and Jake move from the Midwest to Los Angeles full of hope. The atmosphere is tense. Amanda’s family disapproves of her relationship with Jake. We follow the two lovers as they embark on a 24 hour journey that will bring them all around the immense Los Angeles. Long into the night, they seek the opportunity for a new start. While travelling throughout the magical yet harsh city with them, we will watch them love each other, tear each other apart, grow up.

“First-time feature filmmakers Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via were inspired by the adventure of their own early days in LA. WE THE COYOTES is a refreshingly unsentimental valentine to youthful resilience. Like the title critters, Jake and Amanda aren’t idle amblers; they’re scoping out the city from a nighttime ridge, ready to retreat when necessary, seeking their place between what’s wild and what’s tamed.“ (Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter)

Hanna Ladoul and Marco La Via are both 27 years old. Ladoul was born in Germany and grew up in both Paris and Normandy. La Via was born in Santa Barbara/USA. He moved to the south of France at the age of six. After studying journalism, cinema and history in Europe, they now live and work in Los Angeles. In 2012, while they were young journalists still at school, they directed the documentary: THE FEMALE FACE OF POPULISM. The film centers around emerging female leaders of the European extreme right. In 2016, they directed their first narrative short film: DIANE FROM THE MOON. The film stood out in many festivals around the world. WE THE COYOTES is their first narrative feature film. The premiere was at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Edgar Roche