11/19/2019 05:30 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Brazil 2018 112 min Portuguese original version with German and English subtitles
German premiere

by Tiago Mata Machado

Script: Francis Vogner, Tiago Mata Machado, DoP: Fernando Lockett, Victor de Mello, Leonardo Feliciano, Editors: Alice Furtado, Luiz Pretti, Music: Juan Rojo, Pedro Durães, Producers: Aline X, Paula Kimo, Production: Katásia Filmes, Cast: Clara Choveaux, Rômulo Braga, Carolina Castanho, Renan Rovida, Francis Vogner, Cristiano Peixoto

It was a small group of world breakers. Lost in the crowd, but connected to each other, they lived in the solitude of clandestinity, in turn with their contradictions: they loved human life, but they despised life itself. They were ready for sacrifice. Nihilism, melancholy, betrayal, despair: tragic consciences in a long journey at the end of the night. A tale of love and death, in a world in which the state of exception has become a rule and the last days of humanity never end.

“A Kafkaesque political parable about fascism and torture, resistance and freedom. Filmmaker Tiago Mata Machado delivers a lyrical tale of the upheavals of human desolation, of urban skeletons of concrete, of grimaces and caricatures, featuring an incredible abundance of visual ideas and sombre sound collages. The German premiere of a radical film, one that couldn’t be more important!” (Amos Borchert, curator of the “Focus Brazil” section)

More information:

Tiago Mata Machado is film critic, curator and filmmaker. He is a co-author of the experimental videos BURACO NEGRO (29th São Paulo Biennial), O SÉCULO (13th Biennial of Istanbul, Triennial of the New Museum 2002), SINGLE HAND STREET (43rd Rotterdam International Film Festival, SeMa Biennale Mediacity Seoul), COMMUNITY (Bienniale of Moving Images, Geneva 2016), NAU (Venice Biennale, National Pavilion, Italy 2017). As a filmmaker, he is the author of the feature THE RESIDENTS (61st Berlin International Film Festival 2011). He photographed and co-directed with Cinthia Marcelle 475 VOLVER (2009) and CRUSADE (2010).

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