11/20/2023 07:30 pm – Literaturhaus Villa Clementine

In Diego Zúñiga’s novel “Camanchaca”, published in 2022, a 20-year-old muses about his family while crossing the border into Peru with his father to have some dental work done. A road-movie in prose form, featuring an overweight, apathetic first-person narrator who possesses only vague knowledge of his family’s past. From page to page, the author switches perspectives between the present time of the journey with the father and the simple past of memories of his mother. The result is a thoroughly compelling structure, sprinkled liberally with allusions and omissions – in tune with the novel’s title: “camanchaca” is the name given to the mist on the coast of Chile.

Patrick Twinem (reading), Dr. Viola Bolduan (moderation)