11/18/2020 05:30 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

France/Italy 2019 78 min Italian original version with German and English subtitles

by Agostino Ferrente

Script: Agostino Ferrente, DoP: Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando, Editors: Letizia Caudullo, Chiara Russo, Production: Magneto,,Arte France, Producers: Marc Berdugo, Barbara Conforti, with: Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando

Pietro and Alessandro are mourning Davide, who was shot by a cop. Alongside filmmaker Agostino Ferrente, the adolescents create a memorial to their loss, their friendship and their connection to the people of Neapolitan Traiano. The result is an ironic, self-aware film-selfie, in which hyper-masculine posturing both lives and agitates. A potent counter-narrative to Mafia romanticism and tabloid journalism.

“The reason that SELFIE makes such an impression, however, is that it doesn’t only focus on all the bad or hopeless things that surround the boys. Their smartphones are also there for their silliness, their mischief, their boredom and their genuine acts of friendship.” (

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Agostino Ferrente is a director, producer and artistic director. Before becoming involved in cinema, he was an editorial coordinator for magazines and news programs. After gaining a degree in the DAMS in Bologna/Italy he directed short films and music videos. In 2001, he co-founded the group “Apollo 11” in Rome, which saved the historical Apollo cinema theatre and turned it into one of the liveliest cultural centres in Italy’s capital. He is currently working on his first non-documentary feature film.

Filmography (selection): 2006 L’ORCHESTRA DI PIAZZA VITTORIO, 2013 LE COSE BELLE, 2019 SELFIE

Awards (selection): BGL BNP Paribas Documentary Award (Luxembourg City Filmfest 2019), Goyang Documentary Award (EBS EIDF Seoul, South Korea 2019)

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