Italy 2020 77 min Italian and Portuguese original version with English subtitles

by Luca Ferri

DoP: Pietro de Tilla, Andrea Zanoli, Editor: Chiara Tognoli, Production: Effendem Film, Lab 80 film, Producers: Federico Minetti, Andrea Zanoli, with: Bianca Dolce Miele, Natasha De Castro, Dario Bacis, Thomas Lentsch, Walter Ainardi

By candlelight, between Camus and clyster, transsexual Bianca receives clients with special wishes. Many are not after sex, so scenes full of performative grace often unfold. The phone rings constantly in the background. With charming devotion, Bianca seduces, instructs and co-ordinates her admirers, or flirts with Natascha in Brazil. The house of love has ample space for the delightful whirl of deviance.

“Day after day, Bianca and her black cat wait impatiently for a visit or a phone call which might replace their loneliness with a new form of love. THE HOUSE OF LOVE defines love – whether physical or spiritual – as the sole antidote for overcoming inner demons.” (

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Luca Ferri was born in Bergamo/Italy in 1976. Since 2011, he works as writer, cinematographer and director. His films were shown at several festivals and in museums and art galleries in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Moscow. In 2013, the National Film Library of Rome organized a retrospective of his works. His first feature film ABACUC was presented at the Torino and Mar Del Plata Film Festivals. COLOMBI premiered at Venice International Film Festival in the “Orizzonti” section. In 2018, DULCINEA was shown at Locarno Film Festival – and PIERINO at DOK Leipzig.

Filmography (selection): 2015 ABACUC, 2016 COLOMBI, 2018 PIERINO, 2020 THE HOUSE OF LOVE

Taskovski Films
Marina Díaz-Cabrera
United Kingdom

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