11/22/2018 20:00 – Murnau-Filmtheater

Philippines 2017 93 min original version with German and English subtitles
European premiere

by Victor „Onin“ Delotavo Tagaro and Toshihiko Uriu

DoP: Victor Delotavo Tagaro, Editor: Victor Delotavo Tagaro, Production: T.I.U. Films, Producers: Kazuko Inouye, Toshihiko Uriu, Cast: April Baron, Glady Mae Pabillio, Edralen Demo, Alex Enquillo

An ethnographic inquiry done over a period of five years, documenting the lives of nine children under the dire „Third World“ conditions. YIELD does away with the introductions. This is the status quo unto which the children are born into, an unyielding state of affairs wherein they thrive.Toil is translated as an algorithm of nameless faces, actions and spaces. A brisk parade of direct cinema.

It is a self-reflexive study on the inherent dilemma of representation as manipulation in documentary film. In belaboring child labor for an extended period, representing the exploited, itself, is exploitation. YIELD attempts to address this impasse, stripping the gaze off its fetishization of poverty. The brutal editing does not linger to capture drama. Its seeking answer in the pattern of lack.

Victor Delotavo Tagaro is a Filipino independent documentary filmmaker. He is one of the founding members of independent media outfits such as Tudla Productions (filmmakers focused on producing documentaries on the plight and struggle of marginalized sectors in urban centers), and Mayday Productions (an alternative multimedia collective which aims to promote the rights and welfare of Filipino workers). He is a cultural activist, and has helped found various art initiatives, projects and collaborations such as TABAKK (a hip-hop collective and network), and Kanto Artist-Run Space (an alternative gallery). He is also a freelance TV producer, director and cinematographer.

In 2018, YIELD won in the main categories of the most prestigeous Philippine film awards Gawad Urian and FAMAS.

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