In the Country Focus, we connect the dots between Portugal’s recent history and present, and take a look ahead at the coming years. Alongside a host of current short and feature-length films, an homage (with one short and four feature films) provides a look at the three-decade career of renowned director Teresa Villaverde, whose 1991 debut ALEX, with cinematography by Elfi Mikesch, tells the story of a boy whose father remains emotionally absent following his return from a colonial war. This complements the short film program ABSENT PARENTS and a talk about the current situation in Angola, which gained its independence in 1974, not coincidentally the same historical moment as the Carnation Revolution and the end of the Salazar regime. A second short film program features experimental works by women. The Focus’ many shorts are evidence that a young generation is searching for new forms of expression – and cause to dare a shared look towards the future in the scope of a panel discussion.

Shorts as openers