11/15/2021 05:30 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

United States 2020 72 min Original version with German subtitles

by Paul Felten and Joe DeNardo

Script: Paul Felten, DoP: Joe DeNardo, Editor: Joe DeNardo, Ian Olds, Production: Ace Productions, Dialectic, Green Street Film Company, Producers: Kyle Hepp, Shrihari Sathe, Caroline von Kuhn, Alex Witherill, Cast: Stephanie Hayes, Chloë Sevigny, Scott Shepherd, Eleanor Friedberger, Ean Sheehy, Emily Tremaine

Lady meets cop, a flirt complete with blackout gaps. Suddenly, an escape to the slacking community of musician Eleanor Friedberger. Then a drink with acting colleague Chloë Sevigny. In between, dark memories intrude. In the rhythm of the narrative, the way the characters come together and drift apart, in the ephemeral nature of their fates lies a liberation from the conventions of ordinary cinema born of habit. As if the film itself concealed a bottomless pit of paranoia and trauma within its structure, it lunges forward in biting dialogue, stagnates, retreats and reinvents itself. It’s unsettling, and thoroughly entertaining, this creeping generator of the ambiguous.

Paul Felten was born and raised in Reno, Nevada/USA. A former director of the Olympia Film Festival, he is a Sundance Screenwriters Lab fellow and a recipient of The San Francisco Film Society’s Hearst Screenwriting grant. He also writes about film for “The Brooklyn Rail” and

Joe DeNardo grew up in various Midwestern suburbs. He has been a member of the art-punk group “Growing” for 13 years and recently released the first album by “Ornament”, his solo project. He has directed and photographed various music films.

Filmography (together): 2020 SLOW MACHINE

Shrihari Sathe