11/21/2020 08:00 pm – Caligari FilmBühne

France 2019 77 min Original version with German and English subtitles

by Jessica Palud

Script: Jessica Palud, Philippe Lioret, Diastème, DoP: Victor Seguin, Editor: Thomas Marchand, Production: Fin Août Productions, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Producers: Marielle Duigou, Philippe Lioret, Cast: Niels Schneider, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Patrick d’Assumçao, Hélène Vincent

Thomas, the eldest son of the family, returns to his parents’ farm when his mother is on her deathbed. It’s a return to the place he left in a hurry twelve years ago when he couldn’t take its constricting influence anymore. His father and brother had become vulnerable to right-wing propaganda over the intervening years due to their dire financial straits and the resulting desperation. Now, his depressed dad won’t speak with him and his brother has died under mysterious circumstances. Fortunately, his cute nephew Alex is here to interact with, along with the boy’s wild mother, Mona. A reason to stick around? The sensitive portrait of a man forced to grapple with his roots.

French budding stars Niels Schneider (Xavier Dolan’s HEARTBEATS) and Adèle Exarchopoulos (BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR) contribute impressive performances in this empathetic family drama that was honoured with the Orrizonti Award for Best Screenplay at Venice International Film Festival in 2019.

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Jessica Palud, born 1982 in Paris, is a French director and script writer.

Filmography: 2013 LES YEUX FERMÉS, 2016 POUPÉE (short film), 2017 MARLON (short film), 2019 BACK HOME

Awards: Orrizonti Award for Best Screenplay (Venice International Film Festival, Italy 2019)

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