11/21/2020 10:00 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Greece/Netherlands 2020 85 min Greek original version with English subtitles

by Janis Rafa

Script: Janis Rafa, DoP: Thodoros Mihopoulos GSC, Editor: Patrick Minks, Production: SNG Film, Producer: Digna Sinke, Cast: Pinelopi Tsilika, Dimitris Lalos, Michelle Valley, Tassos Rafailidis, Oğuz Han Kaya

At the margins of a city somewhere in the south of Europe, a young couple start their day with their job routine: collecting deceased pets from their owners in order to cremate them and return their ashes. This paid job aside, they also collect and cremate roadkill found as they drive around in their car, which also seems to be their home. In this endless life cycle, human beings and animals coexist harmoniously, until the couple causes a roadkill themselves. Set against a visually stunning and desolate landscape with an eerie sensuality, KALA AZAR is a film about death and life itself.

“(…) Rafa is good at creating moods, showing a mostly deserted, post-apocalyptic world that seems to be falling apart in the least spectacular of ways, with dogs barking and little jars clanking constantly in the background. It really feels like death is everywhere in this film. And she doesn’t even need to say one word about it.” (www.cineuropa.org)

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Janis Rafa lives and works in Amsterdam and Athens. She completed her education in Fine Art (BA, MA, PhD) at the University of Leeds. Her body of work spans from experimental moving images to video-essays, sculptures, environmental installations, cinematic narratives and most recently medium and feature length films. She completed the Rijksakademie residency in 2013/14 with a scholarship by Onassis Foundation, followed by Kunstlerhaus Villa Concordia residency in 2017/18. Her films and video works were screened at Netherlands Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival Rotterdam and Curtas Vila do Conde, among others. KALA AZAR is her first feature.

Filmography (selection): 2010 DAD WHERE ARE YOU?, 2012 EXIT K1, 2014 REQUIEM TO A SHIP WRECK, 2016 THIS THIN CRUST OF EARTH (all short films), 2020 KALA AZAR

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