11/22/2018 22:00 – Caligari FilmBühne

France 2017 110 min original version with German subtitles

von Bertrand Mandico

Script: Bertrand Mandico, DoP: Pascale Granel, Editor: Laure Saint-Marc, Production: ECCE FILMS, Producer: Emmanuel Chaumet, Cast: Pauline Lorillard, Vimala Pons, Diane Rouxel, Anaël Snoek, Mathilde Warnier, Sam Louwyck

The boys have been bad! At the dawn of the 20th century, five teenagers from affluent families are turned over to a captain who is charged with teaching them some manners after the five are found guilty of murdering their teacher. Soon they end up stranded on a mysterious island. A surreal and erotic fantasy film that conjures a seductive world in magical black and white images bearing the unmistakable influence of Kenneth Anger & Co.

It’s an adventure. It’s an epiphany. Bertrand Mandico’s films are a lush tropical rainforest full off brash colours and blossoms, full of shadows and wistfulness, full of serenity and erotic idleness. THE WILD BOYS is a masterpiece from its very first images: a fountainhead of wine, milk and honey springing forth from the parched Earth.

Bertrand Mandico was born in 1971 and studied at the CFT Gobelins in Paris, where he received a degree in animated film in 1993. However, he has only realised a single animated film to date: LE CAVALIER BLEU, in which a pagan ritual is depicted in a surrealist montage. Mandico has directed numerous short and medium-length films and written scripts as well. In addition, he is pursuing a long-term collaboration with Elina Löwensohn covering 21 films in 21 years, a meditation on the bodily condition of an actress and fiction. He made his first short film in 1998 with LE CAVALIER BLEU, followed by roughly 15 more, before making his fiction feature debut with THE WILD BOYS.

Filmography (selection): 1998 CAVALIER BLEU, 2007 ESSAI 135, 2011 BORO IN THE BOX, 2012 LIVING STILL LIFE (all short films), 2017 THE WILD BOYS, 2018 ULTRA PULPE

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