11/18/2018 22:00 – Murnau-Filmtheater

Colombia 2018 96 min original version with English subtitles

by Santiago Caicedo

Script: Entique Lozano, Paola Gaviria, Editor: Santiago Caicedo, Simón Hernández, Jorge H. Vallejo, Production: Timbo Estudio, Ikki Films, Producer: Santiago Caicedo

Born in a not-so-conventional family, Paola grows up in Ecuador and Colombia and finds herself unable to fit in any mold. With a unique feminine vision of the world, she will have to fight against prejudice and struggle for her independence while her universe is struck by a series of crises. Based on the graphic novel VIRUS TROPICAL by Powerpaola.

“Set between Ecuador and Colombia, the story is full of strong-willed women who move around a lot. Its perspective on middle-class life in South America is fresh and engaging, even if the focus remains at the level of family ties, without any ambition to make statements about society as a whole.” (Hollywood Reporter, Deborah Young)

Santiago Caicedo (1976) is a Colombian artist and filmmaker. His work, difficult to label, revolves around motion graphics, animation, stereoscopy, video art and film. His short films have participated in numerous festivals around the world, including Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand and SIGGRAPH, and have received many international awards. His work enhances graphics and fantasy in a unique style where he vanishes all references to common times or places and takes us away on trips to strange worlds. His films include the shorts HUECO (2003), COME COCO (2006), and UYUYUI! (2011). in 2018, VIRUS TROPICAL won the Audience Award for Global Cinema at the South by South West Film Festival in Austin/Texas.

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