11/17/2018 20:00 – Caligari FilmBühne

Austria 2018 90 min original version with English subtitles

by Eva Spreitzhofer

Script: Eva Spreitzhofer, DoP: Xiaosu Han, Andreas Thalhammer, Editor: Alarich Lenz, Production: MONA Film Produktion GmbH, Producers: Thomas Hroch, Gerald Podgornig, Cast: Caroline Peters, Chantal Zitzenbacher, Simon Schwarz, Marcel Mohab, Hilde Dalik, Duygu Arslan, Alev Irmak, Pia Hierzegger, Christopher Schärf

For Vienna resident Wanda (Caroline Peters), an adamant atheist and feminist, it’s like her worst nightmare has come true when her teenage daughter Nina converts to Islam, asks to be addressed as Fatima and announces her desire to wear a veil. Wanda’s wonderful know-it-all world is turned upside-down. She longs for the days when her only problems were getting blackout drunk and stoned out of her gourd. Suddenly her only thought is how to make her daughter come to her senses. As if that weren’t enough, her ex-husband (Simon Schwarz) has to pick this very moment to become a father again – though at least that is manageable somehow. What ensues is an unpitying but all the more exhilarating look in the mirror for a presumably enlightened, liberal patchwork family. With copious humour and quirky dialogue, director Eva Spreitzhofer and her brilliant ensemble cast manage to pull off a magnificently biting comedy of manners about tolerance and the limits thereof.

Since completing her studies at the acting academy of Vienna’s Volkstheater in 1986, Eva Spreitzhofer, born in 1967 in Graz/Austria, has appeared in numerous roles for film, television and theatre. Since 2000, she has also worked in parallel as a scriptwriter for movies, TV films and series. In 2014, she directed her documentary film AMONG THE BLIND. In 2018, she realised her first fiction feature WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO DESERVE THIS? In 2009, together with other Austrian filmmakers, she founded Akademie des Österreichischen Film, where she serves on the board of directors. Since 2013, she has held a teaching position at the acting academy in Graz. She currently lives in Vienna.

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