11/16/2020 08:00 pm – Krypta der Marktkirche

Germany/Sweden 2020 80 min German, English and Swedish original version with English subtitles

by Dennis Stormer

Script: Dennis Stormer, Lisa Glock, DoP: Dennis Stormer, Production: Intuition Club, Stormer Film, Producers: Marisa Meier, Leonie Pokutta, Moa Nilsson, Daniel Fuchs, Felix Bollain, Moritz Vetter, Roger Gonzales, Anda Puscas, Jan David Günther, Louise Pokutta, Hans Illiger, Dennis Stormer, Cast: Moa Nilsson, Tinka Fürst, Moritz Richard Schmidt, Alica Tserkovnaja, Adam Stålhammar

Moa always wanted to become a musician. Love brought her away from her dream. Years later she finds herselg stuck in a relationship and motherhood which she never chose. Finding her old synthesiser between long forgotten things, shakes her inside upside down. Just a few days later, she finds herself on the road with no destination at all. Moa all alone. Just her boiling, raging, pushing, naïve self and her synthesiser. Hitchhiking with strangers. Out to make music again. FULL OF FIRE transcends between fiction, musical and documentary. Moa’s poetic diary was created during an actual journey into the cars and homes of strangers, a journey as an ode to freedom and chaos, a journey towards new horizons of filmmaking.

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Dennis Stormer is based in Stockholm/Sweden and Berlin. He studied Film in Ludwigsburg at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and New York at the Columbia University. He is co-founder of the production companies Intuition Club (GER) and Stormer Film (SWE) and is represented by the Los Angeles based content and commercial agency adolescent. Awarded by the Semaine de la Critique with the “Director Discovery Award”. Currently, he is working on his new film project YOUTH TOPIA.

Filmographie (selection): 2016 LET’S BURN SOMETHING ON MY WAY OUT!, 2017 JUST LIKE THIS (short film), 2018 LOOKING AT OTHERS (short fim), 2019 LIGHT INSIDE (short film), 2020 FULL OF FIRE


Dennis Stormer