11/19/2019 08:00 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Germany 2019 111 min German original version with English subtitles

by Mariko Minoguchi

Script: Mariko Minoguchi, Camera: Julian Krubasik, Editor: Andreas Menn, Music: Jack Ritchie, Producers: Trini Götze, David Armati Lechner, Production: Trimafilm, BerghausWöbke Filmproduktion, Cast: Saskia Rosendahl, Edin Hasanović, Julius Feldmeier

For Nora and Aron, it’s love at first sight when they encounter one another in the subway one rainy day. Their meeting was pure chance, says Nora. Everything is pre-determined, says Aron. Then suddenly Aron is torn from this world. Time stands still for Nora. She numbs her pain, soon thereafter spending the night with Natan, who keeps popping up in her life as if by coincidence. He gives Nora something to hold onto. She has the strange feeling that she already knows him, though she doesn’t suspect what really connects them. A brilliant directorial debut from Mariko Minoguchi and a film that you definitely won’t want to miss.

“A film with great depth, not only for rainy days” (
“A triumphant fiction feature debut, a cinema experience of rare intensity” (
“One of the best films of 2019 hails from Germany!” (

More information:

Mariko Minoguchi was born in Munich/Germany in 1988, as the child of a Japanese father and a German mother. After finishing school, she completed internships and assistantships in the areas of production, directing, camera and production design. Together with director Tim Fehlbaum (HELL), she wrote the screenplay for his new film HAVEN – ABOVE SKY. Before realising her fiction feature debut as a director with RELATIVITY, she directed numerous short films, including GESCHWISTERHERZEN (2011), LIEBEN ALLEIN (2011) and KARLSTOD (2012). RELATIVITY received a nomination for best debut film at the 2019 edition of London Film Festival.


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