11/19/2020 08:00 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Germany 2020 80 min German original version with English subtitles

by Immanuel Esser

Script: Immanuel Esser, Matthias Sahli, Angelo Wemmje, DoP: Philipp Künzli, Editor: Romola Davies, Production: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Producers: Immanuel Esser, Philipp Künzli, Renate Mihatsch, Cast: Franziska Machens, Holger Daemgen, Johannes Kühn, Isabelle Höpfner, Imke Büchel

For the three workers of the company “Styx“ it is everyday business: living in the company van and driving overland to get from one place and time of death to the next – terminating people, packaging them and sending them off. They live a monotone life doing their daily chores for a society that has developed a pain-free system for people’s passings. Suddenly, the three find themselves confronted with their own termination and start to question and bend the rules of their world.

“In light of the storytelling mania exhibited by many a German debut film and the compulsion to spell out every single emotion and motive, PARADISE reveals itself to be a real godsend, one that demonstrates compelling cinema can exist beyond the ordinary formulas and narrative tropes, and a film that really deserved to be featured much more prominently on the festival circuit.” (

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Immanuel Esser studied Philosophy in Berlin before devoting himself to cinema. After completing work on thought experiments, political philosophy and aesthetics, he wrote his final thesis paper on the potential of stylised worlds to contribute to enlightenment and knowledge. In 2013, he studied at the Art Academy of Zurich as a guest auditor in the film studies programme. His first fiction feature PARADISE was created at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, where he is currently studying Film Directing. Esser lives and works in Cologne and Berlin.

Filmography: 2012 ZEITNOT, 2013 BERGRÄUME, 2014 INNENRÄUME, 2017 SOMMERTAGE, 2017 TINY CUBE (all short films), 2020 PARADIES

Immanuel Esser