Germany 2019 5 min German original version with English subtitles

by Jan Koester and Alexander Lahl

Script: Elise Landschek, Music & Sound: Hannes Schulze, Producer: Max Mönch

When the mayor of a little village decides to receive some 40 refugees, a wave of dislike and hatred befalls him and his family.

More information: http://mobydok.de/brand-the-fire/

Jan Koester was born in Berlin/Germany in 1978. In 2006, he received a degree in animation from Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. Since 2009, he has been co-owner of the animation studio “Talking Animals” in Berlin.

Filmography (selection): 2002 MÜSLI, 2005 OUR MAN IN NIRVANA (ex 19), 2009 PETER FOX – SCHWARZ ZU BLAU, 2012 SEEED – BEAUTIFUL, 2014 SEEED – CHERRY OH, 2016 EINE VILLA MIT PINIEN (ex 29), 2019 BRAND (together with Alexander Lahl)

Alexander Lahl, born 1979 in Berlin (GDR), studied Cultural Sciences in Berlin, Wroclaw/Poland and Frankfurt/Oder. He works as a writer, filmmaker and producer.

Filmography (selection): 2016 KAPUTT (ex 29), 2019 BRAND (together with Jan Koester)

mobyDOK medienproduktion
Alexander Lahl & Max Mönch GbR

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