Germany 2018 9 min German original version with English subtitles

by Benjamin Kempf-Siemens and Rainer Binz

Script: Charlotte Wetzel, Caroline Jung, Benjamin Kempf-Siemens, Cast: Hermann Beyer, Hark Bohm, Axel Werner, Horst Westphal

Because of a low pension, three old men find themselves in a shared flat. They have a crazy plan to escape.

More information: https://www.signed-media.com/earlybirds

Benjamin Kempf-Siemens studied in Zurich/Switzerland. He graduated in 2000 and lived in London until 2006 and worked for Spain’s TV5 and Channel 4. Since 2006, he has lived with his family in Berlin. He founded the directorial duo REGGIE PAK and makes documentary and fiction films as well as advertising.

Filmography (selection): 1999 BROKE, 2000 ADE, 2001 EXIT, 2012 TRUCKSTOP, 2013 JAN, 2019 BENZIN IM BLUT; EARLY BIRDS (together with Rainer Binz)

Rainer Binz is a promotional film director. Along with two friends, he co-founded the production company Eqal Visual Productions, which specialises in sports and music shows. In addition, he is a co-founder of the directorial duo REGGIE PAK and lives with his family in Hamburg.

Filmography (selection): 2007 DIE HÖHERE GERECHTIGKEIT, 2016 THE REAL GUITAR HERO, 2019 EARLY BIRDS (together with Benjamin Kempf-Siemens)

Signed Media Produktion GmbH & Co. KG
Lina Schienke

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