Germany 2019 11 min German original version with English subtitles

by Felix Karolus

Script: Wolfgang Aichholzer, Felix Karolus, DoP: Wolfgang Aichholzer, Editor: Gerald Slovak, Producers: Manu S. Scheidt, Felix Karolus, Cast: Senta Berger, Thomas Thieme, Marlene Morreis, Nara Knöpfle

For Charlotte (Senta Berger) it is like any other Sunday, until a stranger surprises her with an exceptional demand.

More information:

Felix Karolus was born 1973 in Mannheim/Germany. He has been living and working in Munich since 1995. After his awarded debut GO PAUL!, MENUETT is his second short film.

Filmography: 2017 GO PAUL!, 2019 MENUETT

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Markus Kaatsch

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