Germany 2020 5 min German original version

by Erik Schmitt

Script: Erik Schmitt, Folke Renken, DoP: Johannes Louis, Editor: David Hartmann

Protection of non-smokers is very important these days. But who thinks about the concerns of small, personable family businesses that make delicious cigarettes according to old tradition and the latest recipes? One man is out there, fighting for justice: Jürgen Zweimann. A man in the fight against mainstream, ban mania, hysteria and “health damage”. SMOKERS is the portrait of a fearless lobbyist and freedom fighter, based on real lines of argument from the tobacco industry.

Erik Schmitt was born in 1980 in Mainz/Germany. He quickly started to study the many forms of communication in Geneva, Munich and Melbourne but was successfully lured into the capital. He completed his studies of Communication Sciences at FU Berlin. At some point he learned to use the camera not only as walking stick, and started KAMERAPFERD together with Stephan Müller. In 2013, his short film ICH SCHWEIFE AB came in third within the GERMAN SHORT FILM COMPETITION of exground filmfest and won the Special Prize of Pille Filmgeräteverleih.

Filmography (selection): 2006 KALIMANTAN, 2007 VIDEOKIND, 2009 NICHT NUR DER HIMMEL IST BLAU, 2010 NUN SEHEN SIE FOLGENDES (ex 24), 2013 NASHORN IM GALOPP (ex 26); ICH SCHWEIFE AB (ex 26), 2014 TELEKOMMANDO, 2016 BERLIN METANOIA (ex 29), 2020 SMOKERS

Erik Schmitt

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