Germany 2018 8 min German original version with English subtitles

by Dennis Todorović

Script, Editor: Dennis Todorović, DoP: Andreas Köhler, Music: Markus Berges, Ekki Maas, Cast: Corinna Harfouch, Lisa Martinek, Petra Nadolny

An actors’ tutorial about crying fake tears. Ten actresses not only explain how to make oneself cry, they also do their best to demonstrate it.

Dennis Todorović, born in Ellwangen/Germany in 1977, is a German-Montenegrin-Czech writer, director and camera-acting coach. His works are the theatrical features SASHA and SCHWESTER WEISS as well as the novel LUCID; today he writes historical and phantastic stories and likes shooting music videos if the band “Erdmöbel” invites him to.

Fimography (selection): 2005 LUDMILA; AMOR FATI (ex 18), 2010 SASCHA (ex 23), 2018 TUTORIAL

Dennis Todorović

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