Spain 2020 15 min Spanish original version with German and English subtitles
German premiere

by María Salgado Gispert

Script: María Salgado Gispert, Maite Voces, DoP: Isabel Ruiz, Editor: María Salgado Gispert, Production: María Salgado Gispert, Naif Films, Producer: Antonello Novellino, Cast: Mercedes Castro, Gonzalo Ramos

Sofía works as a cleaner in a school. Iván works as a skating teacher. Sofía and Iván know each other but they’ve never spoken to each other.

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María Salgado Gispert is a director, producer, screenwriter and editor. From 1993 to 2006 she worked as a director in TV taking part in different programs. From 1998 she has acted as director of the childish program “Cyberclub”. From 2006 she has made documentaries for the public Spanish Television TVE “Documentos TV”. From 2008 she has acted as freelance director and producer and has developed her work within fiction series, documentaries, music video and entertainment programs. Until now, she has directed five short films.

Filmography: 1999 A VIOLETA, 2013 MILLS PAPIER MACHÈ, 2016 IXTAB, 2019 LO QUE SE ESPERA DE MÍ, 2020 CRAZY

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