Ireland 2019 9 min Russian original version with German subtitles

by Gar O’Rourke

DoP: Colm Hogan, Editor: John O’Connor, Production: Venom Film, Producer: Ken Wardrop, with: Petro Shakhanov

KACHALKA brings you into the heart of what is widely considered the world’s most hardcore gym – Kiev’s enormous open-air ‘Kachalka’ gym.

Gar O’Rourke graduated from Kingston University in Ontario/Canada with a degree in Landscape Architecture and subsequently worked in a variety of creative careers before discovering his love of filmmaking. In 2016, whilst working in Toronto/Canada, he established his own video production company, which he later relocated to Dublin/Ireland. He has worked on many commercial campaigns, with a keen interest on documenting real life. He is now the creative director at RUFF Studio. KACHALKA is his debut film as director.

Filmography: 2019 KACHALKA

Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg e.V.
Axel Behrens

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