Bulgaria 2019 14 min without dialogues
German premiere

by Mira Yankova

Script, Animation: Mira Yankova, Editor: Bojka Popova, Sound design: Pavel Stoichev, Producer: Roumen Barrosov, Production: Attrakt Film

What could happen to someone afraid of seeing what he carries within. A short jazzy film about the fears that obstruct man’s way to himself.

Mira Yankova was born in Sofia/Bulgaria. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Film and Television Direction at the NBU. Since then she has worked as a 2-D and 3-D animator, stage designer and assistant director in Bulgarian and foreign productions, and as a visual artist in the field of video art. In 2017, her work was presented at the 57th Venice Biennale and in numerous international projects in Lisbon, London, Bogota, Vienna etc. BUTTERFLY & MOUSE is her first short cartoon.

Mira Yankova

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