Netherlands 2018 14 min Albanian original version with German and English subtitles

by Sarah Veltmeyer

Script: Tom Bakker, Sarah Veltmeyer, DoP: Stephan Polman, Editor: Fatih Tura, Production: Submarine Film, Producer: Jeroen Beker, Sabine Veenendaal, Cast: Andi Bajgora, Florist Bajgora

The brothers Andi (13) and Florist (20) live in a poor and desolate village in Kosovo. Andi really wants a phone to watch five minutes of free porn, and doesn’t notice his brother is saying goodbye.

Sarah Veltmeyer (1988) is a writer and director from Amsterdam/Netherlands. Without a filmschool, but with a lot of love for film, she decided to make her first short film (GOTTA) in 2015. And that with success: GOTTA won several festival awards. In 2016, she got money from the Netherlands Film Fund to make her second short film. This brought her to Kosovo, where she made KIEM HOLIJANDA.

Filmography: 2015 GOTTA, 2017 KIEM HOLIJANDA

Awards (selection): Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film in the section “Generation 14plus” (Berlin International Film Festival, Germany 2018), “Gold Chair” for Best International Short Film (Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad, Norway 2018)

Some Shorts – Festival Distribution
Wouter Jansen