Iran 2018 9 min without dialogues
German premiere

by Mojtaba Mousavi

Script: Mojtaba Mousavi, DoP: Mojtaba Mousavi, Editor: Mojtaba Mousavi, Producer: Sedigheh Famil Farnia, Puppets: Abolfazl Ghorbani, Pary Rohani Rad, Mojtaba Mousavi

The story is narrated in an unknown time, in a ruined modern subway. People in this society have animal faces, they have forgotten humanity and ethics. There is someone with a deer face who is trying to reform the society.

Mojtaba Mousavi was born in 1986 in Iran. He began his cinematic career in 2004 among his college. He expressed his interest in writing, critique films, screenwriting and making short films. After making some short films and documentaries, he launched the Visual Effects Studio. After three years, according to the various skills and experiences, he tended to stop motion and made his first short animation in 2012. THE CASSETTE PLAYER was screened in many countries. In 2016, he began making MR. DEER animation. During his production, he has taught stop motion at the Faculty of Cinema and Theater College and various art schools in Tehran and Mashhad/Iran. He is currently teh director of Red Deer Studio.

Awards (selection): Jury Award (Animafest, Zagreb/Croatia 2018)

Soureh Cinema Organization
Maryam Naghibi