Germany 2018 4 min without dialogues

by Katja Aujesky

Concept & Realisation: Katja Aujesky

The music video DER SEE deals with loss of control and the struggle to trust. “A sea black as night lies before me, and I don’t have any money for the ferry that would keep me from getting wet.”

Katja Aujesky, born in Wiesbaden in 1983, studied jazz and pop vocals in Mannheim and Mainz and is known for her work as a singer/songwriter with bands like “200 Sachen”, “Katjas Bazar” and her appearance on The Voice with She Wolf. Since 2015 she has been pursuing a solo career, without make-up and under her real name. She calls all the shots for her music videos and directs them too.

Filmography: 2014 FISCH, 2017 KEINE TRÄNEN (ex 30), 2018 DER SEE (all music videos)

Katja Aujesky