Germany 2019 11 min German original version with English subtitles
World premiere

by Valentin Herleth

Script: Julia Skala, Valentin Herleth, DoP: Simon Schares, Editor: Timo Schlenstedt, Production: Hochschule Mainz, spektrumfilm, Producer: Valentin Herleth, Cast: Lia von Blarer, Holger Kugele

A young woman can’t bear her submissive life as an office employee anymore.
She seeks freedom among soccer hooligans.

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Born in 1994, Valentin Herleth grew up in Ludwigsburg. As a youth, he was more fascinated by the collective experience in the football arena than in the cinema. That is why he completed his degree in Time-Based Media in Mainz with FACE TO FIST – a short film set in the milieu of football fans. Recently, he has begun studies in Cinema Culture in Frankfurt am Main.

Filmography: 2018 DIE KLEINE KNEIPE IN UNSERER STRASSE, 2019 KLEIDER MACHEN LEUTE, 2020 FACE TO FIST; THE 12th MAN (co-director: Simon Schares)

Valentin Herleth

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