Germany 2018 12 min German original version with English subtitles

by Prof. Jochen Kuhn

Script: Prof. Jochen Kuhn, DoP: Prof. Jochen Kuhn, Editor: Olaf Meltzer, Producer: Prof. Jochen Kuhn

Religion in court…

Jochen Kuhn was born in Wiesbaden/Germany in 1954. During his art studies in Hamburg and Rome, he realized his first projects in the areas of film, painting, script writing, film music and photography. Since 1985, he has received numerous teaching assignments around the world and has been a professor at the Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg and director of the Department of Filmmaking there since 1991.

Filmography (selection): 1998/99 FISIMATENTEN, 1999–2004 NEULICH 1, NEULICH 2, NEULICH 3, NEULICH 4, NEULICH 5, 2005 SONNTAG 1, 2008 EXIT, 2009 PREDIGER, 2010 SONNTAG 2, 2012 SONNTAG 3 (ex 26, ex 27), 2013 SUNDAY ZERO (ex 27), 2014 ALWAYS TIRED (ex 28), 2018 GERICHTSZEICHNER

Jochen Kuhn

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