Germany 2019 2 min English original version
World premiere

by Max Finkeldei and Melisa Bodur

Concept: Melisa Bodur, Max Finkeldei, Camera: Melisa Bodur, Max Finkeldei, Editors: Melisa Bodur, Max Finkeldei, Animation: Melisa Bodur, Max Finkeldei, Production: Hochschule RheinMain, Skaterboys: Ari Estavillo, David Rudolph

The film gives the viewer an hallucinatory perspective by layering the original footage with colorful animations.

Melisa Bodur was born in 1996 in Istanbul/Turkey. After completing her A levels at a German school in Turkey, she began studying Communication Design at RheinMain University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden in 2016.

Max Finkeldei was born in 1994 and attended the Waldorf School in Oberursel/Germany. From 2014 to 2016, he studied Renewable Energies at Rottenburg Technical College, before beginning studies in Communication Design in 2016 at RheinMain University of Applied Science in Wiesbaden, where he received his diploma in 2019.

Hochschule RheinMain
Börries Müller-Büsching

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