Germany 2018 14 min original version
World premiere

by Peter Ederer and Arne Dechow

Script and interviews: Arne Dechow, Animation: Peter Ederer

A dystopian, not quite fictional story about the downward spiral of longing, flight, guilt and violence. After fleeing Morocco, Haytham ends up in a large Spanish city, where he attempts to make a go of it as a junk collector. As he begins to slide even deeper into a very shady scene he is forced to face the fact that he will eventually end up committing murder if he doesn’t manage to free himself from these new structures.

Peter Ederer studied communication design in Wiesbaden, specialising in illustration and 2D/3D animation. Since 2008, he has worked as an art director in the field of animated film and is involved primarily in the creation of storyboards and the visual conception of films and image animations.

Arne Dechow studied literature, history and philosophy at the University of Karlsruhe. In 2003, he founded the film production company INVOLVE, for which he directed numerous image, advertising and campaign films for German and international companies and initiatives. Parallel to his commercial activities, he is artistic director of WERFT, Wiesbaden’s multi-award-winning prison theatre. In addition, he creates documentaries and writes scripts for theatre and film.

Peter Ederer