Germany 2018 3 min English original version

by Yasar Honneth

DoP & Editor: Yasar Honneth, Music: OIYO, Luca Kleinhenz, Production: Nadine Tannreuther

The “Meeting of Styles” is an international, worldwide meeting of graffiti artists in the Hessian state capital.

More information:

Yasar Honneth absolved an apprenticeship as a machinist from 2001 to 2005, passing his masters exam successfully in 2006. After that, he served in the German military. After completing his A levels, he studied digital media and video from 2009 on, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Building on that, in 2016 he obtained a Master of Arts in the subject “Leadership in the Creative Industries”.

Yasar Honneth

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