OK. Fi(sh)NE

Germany 2020 3 min without dialogues
World premiere

by Svenja Nolte

Script/Motion-Designer: Svenja Nolte, Production: Hochschule RheinMain

The lifecycle of a fish. What starts out beautifully, ends beautifully once again in fish heaven (after consumption, that is).

Svenja Nolte was born in 1998 in Frankfurt am Main and grew up in nearby Hattersheim am Main. After receiving her vocational baccalaureate diploma in design in 2016, she decided to continue her education in this field by enrolling in the communication design programme at Wiesbaden’s RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in 2017. Although her focus is on the moving image and not animation, she has always been fascinated by the latter and uses animation as a medium for experimentation and self-discovery.

Filmography: 2020 OK. Fi(sh)NE

Hochschule RheinMain
Börries Müller-Büsching

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