Germany 2019 4 min without dialogues

by Jan Katona and Maxi Heckelmann

Script: Jan Katona, Maxi Heckelmann, Maxleon Kluge, Shoot: Maxi Heckelmann, Editor: Jan Scheel, Maxi Heckelmann, Beat: fly Melodies

Don’t take yourself too serious and dance like Max. Be your own sunshine and dance your world how you want it to be.

With TANZ WIE MAX, Jan Kantona is making his debut as a director of music videos. The 25-year-old studied Business in Wiesbaden and Journalism in Berlin. In the German capital, he has been active over the past two years as a reporter and social media manager for RTL Radio Center Berlin, while also working as a freelancer in diverse content creation and consulting projects.

Under the pseudonym “Alivemaex”, Maximilian Heckelmann has produced various music videos, such as TANZ and LARA, as well as several short films for his techno event series “Ennea”. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Media Management, the DJ founded his “Ennea” music label, which he now uses to distribute his music.

Maxleon Kluge

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