11/16/2021 10:00 pm – Murnau-Filmtheater

Brazil 2021 85 min Portugese original version with English subtitles

Script: Madiano Marcheti, Thiago Gallego, Thiago Ortman, Tiago Coelho, DoP: Tiago Rios, Guiherme Tostes, Editor: Lia Kulakauskas, Producers: Clélia Bessa, Joel Pizzini, Sérgio Pedrosa, Marcos Pieri, Beatriz Martins, Cast: Mariane Cáceres, Nádja Mitidiero, Joana Castro, Edilton Ramos, Maria Leite, Antonio Salvador, Lucas Miralles

Emus walk the plantation, the wind whistles, the soybean fields radiate harmony. A combine making its rounds stops in front of Madalena’s corpse. Luziane, Cristiano and Bianca are only united by the fact that they live in the same small Western Brazilian town, and they all played a role in the life or death of Madalena. The film depicts their everyday lives, subtly conveying the country’s malaise. In his feature-film debut, the director processes the sad fact that his native land of Brazil possesses the world’s highest murder rate for transmen and transwomen. A highly convincing first outing. Audiences can look forward to seeing what sort of projects the filmmaker will devote his attention to in the future.

Madiano Marcheti was born and raised in the state of Mato Grosso, in Brazil’s Amazon region. After some short films that screened in several festivals in Brazil, he directed his first feature film, MADALENA. He is currently working on his next feature film MOTHER OF GOLD while he develops the scripts
for two further projects.

Filmography: 2014 VOID, 2015 IN TRANSIT, 2015 THE COLDEST PLACE IN RIO, 2016 THE WEIGHT OF LOVING YOU (all short films), 2021 MADALENA


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