Germany 1963 87 min German original version

by Will Tremper

Fog over Tempelhof airfield. “Due to poor weather conditions, we are forced to cancel all of today’s flights to West Germany. It is also expected that no landings will take place at Berlin-Tempelhof before tomorrow morning. The next announcement will occur tomorrow morning.” At any other airport in the world, a message like that would serve for irritation, true, but there would be alternatives. One could take a train, or proceed to the next closest airport. But in Berlin those sorts of options don’t exist. Berlin, a cosmopolitan city of 2.2 million inhabitants, has no more than ten rail connections a day, and between Berlin and West Germany lies the territory of the GDR, which not everyone can cross without risking peril. Fog over Tempelhof, that means serious trouble for a range of would-be air travellers…

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Mirjam Haas

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