exground filmfest 32 – Day 8 / 22. November

Current and historical films from Brazil, Fela Kuti, short films and Oscar candidates from Poland and Costa Rica

We will start today in the crypt at 15:30 with the historical film ENTRANCED EARTH by Glauber Rocha in our Country Focus on Brazil. The film, made in 1967, unfolds a story in the fictitious country Eldorado around the poet and intellectual Paulo, who serves different political leaders and in the end gives his life.

At 17:30 in the Caligari FilmBühne, we will continue with the Brazilian documentary MY FRIEND FELA, providing a new perspective on the Nigerian musician Fela Kutiin. We look forward to seeing the director Joel Zito Araújo there.

For the presentation of HORMIGAS by Antonella Sudasassi Furniss at 6 pm in the crypt, the actress Daniella Valenciano from Costa Rica will be present. In this Oscar nomination of Costa Rica, she embodies Isabel, whose life as a good mother, wife and daughter-in-law is no longer enough for her.

Another Oscar nomination awaits us at 20:00 in Murnau: CORPUS CHRISTI by Jan Komasa from Poland. The film tells the story of 20-year-old Daniel pretending to be a priest in a small community. We look forward to meeting the actress Eliza Rycembel.

At the same time (20:00) in Caligari we will present the remaining eight contributions together with film guests in the INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION – PART II. All films in this competition will be judged by our international jury: Burkhard Althoff (ZDF editorial “Das kleine Fernsehspiel”), Christy Garland (director from Canada) and Brunna Laboissière (director from Brazil).