ex31 Day 5: Special Guests andForbidden Love
RAFIKI (©Ape&Bjørn)

It is hard to believe – but today is already the fifth out of ten days of exground Filmfest! We are happy to host director Andreas Goldstein and script writer Jakobine Motz who will present their movie ADAM UND EVELYN at 8pm at Caligari FilmBühne. We are travelling back to summer 1989, East Germany. Adam works as a tailor, Evelyn as a waitress. They are planning a vacation together when Evelyn finds out that Adam is cheating on her and decides to leave for the holiday on her own. She travels to Hungary, trailed by Adam. The film is based on the novel “Adam und Evelyn” by Ingo Schulze which was translated into more than ten languages!

Our Fokus-programme is also filled with special guests: at 5:30pm at Murnau-Filmtheater  director Khavn De La Cruz will attend the screening of his film BALANGIGA: HOWLING WILDERNESS: 1901, Balangiga. A young boy flees town with his grandfather and their buffalo to escape the American occupation, the General Smith’s “Kill & Burn” order and the ensuing massacre. They stick to the outskirts and wilderness but find carnage wherever they go. On the way they find a toddler amid a sea of corpses. Together, the two boys struggle to survive in the howling wilderness.

Another highlight happens at 5:30pm at Caligari FilmBühne with Wanuri Kahiu’s Coming of Age drama RAFIKI, in which the two girls Kena and Zike are fighting against the patriarchal conventions in Kenya and dream of a self-determined future. The movie was banned in Kenya and celebrated as a great discovery in Cannes.