exground filmfest 32 – Tag 6 / 20. November
Caitlin Gerard (THE WIND)

Movies and panel in the crypt & strong women

Today is the first opportunity to try our new venue, the crypt of the Marktkirche. At 6 pm we will present FILM AND PANEL: RAUBZUG TO AMAZONIEN there. Following the screening of Martin Keßler’s film RAUBZUG AMAZONIEN, the director will discuss the current situation of the indigenous population in Brazil with Wolfgang Kunath (journalist) and Prof. Lothar Brock (international law expert).

Afterwards, at 8 pm, we will enjoy an associative film in the crypt. In CALYPSO, directors Rodrigo Lima and Lucas Parente interweave archival material about Luz del Fuego (1917-1967), actress, snake dancer and founder of the first free body club in Brazil, with intense nature photography, performative elements and a stunning sound design. Rodrigo Lima will be present for the German premiere of his film in the crypt.

At 8 pm we will see SAINT FRANCES by Alex Thompson in Munau. There we meet 34-year-old Bridget, who enters a difficult stage of life. As a babysitter for little Frances, she realizes that life is not always about tennis and golf, but it can still be beautiful and worthwhile.

Another movie from the section “American Independents” awaits the audience at 10 pm in Murnau: THE WIND, a female western. Director Emma Tammi shows the fate of women who follow their men to the no-man’s-land in the 1800s to cultivate land. The feelings of isolation drive many women mad – just like Lizzy, who is stranded with Isaac in the wasteland. With a team of women (camera, editing), Tammi converts the difficult lot of these women into grandiose landscape shots and oppressive pictures of their encapsulation.

At 10 pm in Caligari we will see Christina Ebelt’s STARS ABOVE US, about the plight of another woman. The single mother Melli (Franziska Hartmann) struggles for existence and dignity, despairingly yet with irrepressible power. We are looking forward to seeing the director Christina Ebelt, who will present her film in person.