exground filmfest 32 – Tag 5 / 19. November
MEIN ENDE. DEIN ANFANG. (Mariko Minoguchi)

Touching feature films from Italy, Germany and Brazil, great guests and photos from Brazil

Today we will begin our recommendation with FLESH OUT in the programme of exground youth days, which will be screened in Caligari at 17:30. Director Michela Occhipinti filmed – inspired by true events – a Mauritanian tradition, according to which young women are fattened to please future husbands. Beforehand we will show a short film: DER JUNGE IM KAROHEMD, for which the director Aleksandra Odić will be present.

Also at 17:30 clock (Murnau) we will screen THE SLEEPWALKERS of Tiago Mata Machado, another film highlight from our country focus Brazil. The Kafkaesque political parable about fascism, resistance and freedom is shown at exground as a German premiere.

Immediately after 20 o’clock we will be expecting more guests to the feature film RELATIVITY [MEIN ENDE. DEIN ANFANG.]. Director Mariko Minoguchi will be in the Murnau Theater with his leading actress Saskia Rosendahl. Mariko Minoguchi manages to perfectly balance the story of Nora and Aron between happiness and death, love and sadness in her stunning feature film debut.

In-between films and after screenings you should not miss the exhibition: BRAZIL – PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANJA KESSLER in Murnau. You can see pictures of the country and its people, which are far away from the usual stereotypes, in the foyer of Murnau until 23 Nov.