Germany 2023 6 min Original version with English subtitles
World premiere

by Martin Gessner

Script: Milena Keimig, DoP: Philipp Hühnerfeld, Producer: Martin Gessner, Production: Wiesbadener Kinofestival e. V., Literaturfestival Wiesbaden, Cast: Katalyn Hühnerfeld, Tamino Hühnerfeld, Andreas Mach
Winning screenplay for the 2022 Wiesbaden Literature Festival!
Somewhere. Sometime. A boy who doesn’t speak creates order in the world for himself through number games. He also communicates with his mother in the same way. Alas, threatening circumstances force the mother to act.

Out of competition

Martin Gessner is a digital artist, producer, director and teacher who lives and works in Wiesbaden and on other “islands”. His spectrum encompasses digital image production and processing, promotional and corporate film production, advertising, production and co-production of short and documentary films as well as trailers, animations and photography. In 2023, he took over production and direction duties for the short film project 10 x FRIEDEN, based on a screenplay by Milena Keimig. The script won a writing prize in 2022, awarded by exground filmfest in co-operation with the Wiesbaden Literature Festival.

Filmography: 2022 JE T’AIME, 2023 10 x FRIEDEN

Martin Gessner
Ernst-Göbel-Straße 27
65207 Wiesbaden
mobile: +49 15122445563

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