Germany 2023 4 min Original version with English subtitles

by Duc-Anh Dinh

Script: Christopher Langham, Duc-Anh Dinh, DoP: Nadine Lang, Editor: Justus Maximilian Riechers, Producer: Duc-Anh Dinh, Production: Sopor Films, Fastforwardfilm, Cast: Alice Hoffmann, Horst Pugner
In front of a community centre, an older woman and a man in a wheelchair wait for the bus. She has a lot to say – but he’s not listening. When the bus finally does come, there is a lack of willingness to help.

Duc-Anh Dinh, born in 1993, has been working in the film industry since 2013. He started as a set runner and currently works as a second assistant director and production driver. Along the way, he shoots short films himself and is aiming to study Directing at a film school and pursue a career as a director.

Filmography: 2017 PUBLIC TOILET, 2018 MANTIKOR, 2019 FAUSTRECHT, 2021 PATRONUS (ex 34), 2023 HANDICAP

Duc-Anh Dinh

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